Because I loved him too much.

I fancied myself in love a few times over the years. I read the signs. There was the quickened heartbeat. The flushed cheeks. The constant smile and inability to sleep. The sense of admiration. The desire to be near him … Continue reading

The most important person in the whole of creation.

Or, What I Learned from Donna Noble So I like Doctor Who. Of course, by “like” I mean “adore to the point of being obsessive” because I’m kind of an all or nothing sort of woman, but I just like … Continue reading

“Heart on My Sleeve” (for So Worth Loving)

Hey gorgeous people! Today I had the lovely privilege of posting over at So Worth Loving — my absolute favorite lifestyle blog & community. (go check them out!) Take a look at an excerpt of my piece below, and head over to the SWL site to finish it off :)

Heart on My Sleeve


To hide and protect it from curious eyes and judgmental fingers that stare and poke like my feelings and heart and soul are here for their amusement or pleasure.

Perhaps it is better to feel nothing at all?

But you never feel nothing. Even in the darkest times there was always a whisper of a feeling that threatened to yell and scream if I gave it the attention it wanted. They worked beneath the surface, I could feel them just under my skin – pulsing and itching – desperate to be let free.

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, we’re told. Don’t give someone the chance to yank it off and toss it around like a beach ball until it deflates or is torn to pieces by the cynical or realistic or cold-hearted or jaded.

Don’t be vulnerable. Don’t trust. Don’t give someone your feelings so they can fashion them into weapons to be used against you…

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5 Things I Learned from Fanny Price

{Gentlemen, even though this post is based on a Jane Austen novel, it was not written solely for the ladies.}

I adore Jane Austen. We had a bit of a rough beginning, but after I finally finished Pride & Prejudice that first time, I fell deeply in love with her words and stories and characters and never looked back. I wish I could be best friends with Elizabeth Bennet. Most days, I see myself in Elinor Dashwood. I am exasperated and entertained by Emma Woodhouse. I weep and cheer for Anne Elliot. I believe Catherine Morland might be one of my younger sisters. And we can’t forget her heroes: Austen does write very dashing, lovely, swoon-worthy heroes. Her stories are delightful, her writing is clever, and I could read each of her novels over and over without hesitation.

Save one…

I cannot like Mansfield Park. Granted, I’ve only truly read it once, but it was a difficult read. It seems rather more dark than the others; more serious than lighthearted. It isn’t something that I long to get lost in. And I think the main reason for this is the trouble I have with Fanny Price.

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