handwritten by cassi clerget

I’m not much of an artist, not in a traditional sense. I can’t paint or sculpt or sketch a portrait. But there is one thing I can do beautifully — I can take words and draw with them. I can take my scrawling penmanship and turn a quote into something lovely. Because I think writers are artists and their words should be displayed as art. Whether it’s using simple cursive or curling calligraphy, I like to play with words, bringing an element of design to a gorgeous quote. I let the words become what they like, my pens just a simple vehicle of expression.

Each of the quotes found in my portfolio are taken from works of literature or film and are appropriately referenced. If there is no author cited, the words are my own.
Each design is particular to each quote, my own original work. Some pieces have been edited with a photo editor to alter color or add texture.

To request an original piece, send me an email with the quote of your choice! (Pricing* starts at $10 per piece, and depends on the elaborateness of the design and length of the quote.)
I can also design the script for tattoos. Just send me an email with the word and phrase and preferred typography: script, block, thick, thin, etc. (Pricing* starts at $5 per piece, and depends on number of samples desired and elaborateness of the design.)

*prices include cost of shipping

Thank you for stopping by!


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