Missed Connection

a spiritual confession in the middle of the journey I’m not sure where to begin. I’ve passed you by so many times. I’ve noticed you, felt your presence, heard perhaps an echo of your voice whisper through my soul. I … Continue reading

The Virgin & The Vagrant: The Delayed Dream

Today marks the return to the Virgin & the Vagrant series I began with Cory Copeland almost a year ago. With hopeful eyes and impatient hearts, we’re writing on the dreams that don’t always seem to come true the way … Continue reading

The Streets of Damascus

I walked the streets of Damascus five years ago but in a different lifetime. I washed the dust of those ancient alleys from my feet at night before falling into bed. But I probably still carried some with me, past … Continue reading

The most important person in the whole of creation.

Or, What I Learned from Donna Noble So I like Doctor Who. Of course, by “like” I mean “adore to the point of being obsessive” because I’m kind of an all or nothing sort of woman, but I just like … Continue reading