About the Author

cassi clergetMy name is Cassi Clerget. (Cass to my friends and Cassandre to my mother.) I’m 25, but I hear that won’t last forever.

I’m a tad sarcastic.

I like to play with words. I’m a writer and editor, but mostly I dabble.

My penmanship is one of my best qualities, and I wish I knew how to put it on my resume.

I’m an old soul; the sort that once possessed a reserved, quiet British professor who would sit in the darkened corner of an old pub seeing everything through his smudgy spectacles and saying little, scribbling it all down in a worn notebook that had seen better days while waiting for friends to join him for a drink and inappropriate conversation.

Felt-tipped pens and a can of Diet Coke are the way to my heart.

I write to empty my mind and I read to distract it, but rarely does it find peace.

History was my first love. Poetry is my love-hate relationship. Novels are the foundation of my soul.

Twitter is my love affair. I met the love of my life there.

My sisters are my lifeline. My friends keep me out of therapy.

I speak in hyperbole.

I am a caffeine addict.

You may flip through my soul like the pages of a book, but handle with care. Don’t wrinkle or tear. It’s my only edition.

I have the mouth of a cynic but the soul of a romantic. Someday I’ll write a romance novel and become insufferable and I apologize.

Sometimes I do things for More Love Letters & Bedlam.

Run-on sentences are my favorite thing, and I will never not use them when writing, because when you’re honest with yourself, you realize you want to write the way you think and I think in run-on sentences.

Oxford commas & ampersands are my grammatical necessities; also semicolons.

I can talk for hours on Victorian culture and literature and fashion and gender roles, and if you aren’t prepared to see me absolutely ecstatic about something very few people would even waste time reading or writing about, maybe avoid asking me about history.

I went to grad school once; now I live with my parents.

Everyday I’m creating my myself, becoming myself, growing into my soul. But mostly I’m a hot mess of a young woman.

I write so you know you matter, know you’re not alone, and know you’re beautiful.

Feel free to ask questions and leave comments!

Books that mean something to me:

-Persuasion by Jane Austen
Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery
-One Day by David Nichols
-Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
-On the Road by Jack Kerouac
-The History Boys by Alan Bennett
-Literacy and Longing in LA by Jennifer Kaufman and Karen Mack
-The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Jemima J by Jane Green
Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott
Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter


11 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I understand, trying to figure out you faith in this world is a hard thing and will be until our final days. But as long as we love each other and give in to what God wants in our lives then he will see us through. I just wish i knew what i was supose to do with my life exactly…. i’m still seaching.

    • The most beautiful realization about being a child of God is our freewill to choose the “better” not only the “good”. Once we see ourselves as truly loved individuals we understand we have an infinite number of paths still in our father’s will. There is no one path or destination but it is tempting to think so.

  2. Are you there Cassi? It’s me Vodka.

    Soooo I found you. I checked my facebook intentionally and didn’t find what I was looking for; your message. So I did what WE do best and went all stalker.com. And here I am. It’s nice here. Very ‘abysmal’ (Joey’s definition). Very deep, who knew. I love it. I’ve read through a few of your posts and though I had some idea of what was going on in your noggin, I didn’t realize you have always been quite the brain ninja, if you will.

    Anyways, I was waiting in the vet’s office with my cat (yeah that’s a hot way to start a conversation) and was looking through an interior decorator magazine and saw a section dedicated to Nashville, TN. It’s odd that my brain associates you with that place. It’s joined the other words on my list: Olympia, Forks, La Push, Hope he gives you hell, Let’s go-if you want it come and get (well you know), The Covenant, Powell’s, Permission to drive 105, what’s a Fanta, Jane Austen, Eqypt, UNLV, 3-day pass to Disneyland, Grenshaw, EYEBALLS, Turkish Fashion Magazines, Phone-a-Friend, last minute grad speeches, straightest my hair has ever been, The Runnner Stumbles, Alice in Wonderland Shoes, middle of the night emotional breakdowns, ridiculous dislike of iced teas of any kind, mustard/mayo with pretzels, and it goes on.

    Great, now I’m stuck in memory lane. Well, I guess I should stop sounding like I’m off at war or on my way to blow an asteroid in half. We shall talk later.

    Toodalaloo, tanis

    • I’m going to be real honest and say that at first, I was kind of freaked out until I figured out this was you. Guess that’s what I get for not sending you the message you wanted… my bad. Anyways, you’re welcome for brain ninja-ing you. It takes some talent, but it appears I’ve succeeded. Who knew?

      Love you, Tanis.


  3. Haha I don’t know you at all, but after reading your stuff, I think we are the same person…or long lost sisters….or could be best friends. Best of luck- I look forward to reading more! :)

    • Actually, if you been reading some of my posts, you probably know me better than you think :) I’ve been told I come across better and more like myself on paper, which is true. And I’ve been reading some of your things, and I agree… maybe we are the same person. Guess I’ll just have to keep reading to find out!


  4. Hey!

    This is Jennifer from Jennifer’s Hope (jennifershope.wordpress.com). I wanted to write to you to first of all thank you for following my blog, and second, I wanted to let you know that I announced a few days ago that my blog has moved.

    The address to my new, self-hosted blog is http://www.jennifershopeblog.com. I am hoping that you will take a moment to check it out. Unfortunately, because of the new site’s location, you’ll have to subscribe by email if you want to still be notified of my new posts (unless you have another way to follow feeds – my feed is http://www.jennifershopeblog.com/feed)

    To do so, you can go to http://www.jennifershopeblog.com and you’ll find a form to enter your email into on the left sidebar below my picture.

    Thank you so much & God bless!


  5. Thank you so much for writing “for those who can’t seem to find the words”. I so appreciate what articles I’ve read on your blog, I feel as though you speak for me and for so many of the girls I know. So again, Thank you!

  6. I thank you Ms. Cassi! You’re such an inspiration to me. I was just searching on Google about how to reject timidity and now I ended up here on your page. All I hear from you is totally motivating. I admire you.

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