let’s live creatively.

I haven’t written in this space for awhile. Months, even. I have been writing, though, for Bedlam Magazine. And working at the Editorial Director and Social Media Curator. I also work at a pottery studio full time as a design consultant, store artist, kiln operator, and barista. And I’m slowly adding more and more to my Etsy shop, trying new hand lettering styles and teaching myself what I can.

I’m knee deep in projects. Knee deep in creativity and beauty and story. I’m learning the importance of balance and rest and choosing yourself even when it seems selfish on the outside. Because sometimes we need calm and peace and a day spent doing what soothes your soul.

Even the sea rests between hurricanes.

I want to practice creativity as a lifestyle, not simply to create things with my hands. I want to live a life that seeks to grow and breathe and run wild and free. There are so many ideas lurking in my fingertips; so much imagination bouncing through my mind. And I want to embrace it rather than compartmentalize it. I don’t want to be a parttime artist. I want to live the life of an artist.

And I would love if you joined me. Because I believe we are meant to tell our stories and be brave with our lives to others can be brave with theirs. Let’s live creatively together, hand in hand.

Click here to start the journey.




3 thoughts on “let’s live creatively.

  1. Hi,

    I can’t fill the form because it requires a zip code and Nigerian post codes don’t work. But I’d like to be part of this. My email is nihinlolaifeoluwa[at]yahoo[dot]com. Thanks and well done.

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