The Virgin & The Vagrant: The Delayed Dream

Today marks the return to the Virgin & the Vagrant series I began with Cory Copeland almost a year ago. With hopeful eyes and impatient hearts, we’re writing on the dreams that don’t always seem to come true the way we imagine. Take a moment to read my short beginning, then head over to Cory’s website to check out the rest.


Eight years ago, I had a very clear picture of the next ten or so years of my life. I would spend my four years in college, study abroad in England, graduate with honors, get into grad school, finish my Master’s and start a PhD in British history and lit, become a professor, write books on the side, and of course fall in love (hopefully with a British writer). I had my future mapped out, my dreams in my eyes, and I couldn’t be swayed.

But sitting here today, two years away from that ten year mark, I’m miles and lifetimes from the innocent dreams of that wide-eyed seventeen year old girl. I’ve left some of those dreams behind, trading them for something new, and perhaps I lost (then found…then lost?) myself on the way. Because sometimes the bold ideas of the imagination and dreams of our youth don’t come true the way we believe they should. Instead, we’re left wanting and hoping, finding ourselves more discouraged than encouraged on our path to become who we imagine we can be. With my computer on my lap and notebook after notebook filled the potential of things, I wonder if I’ll ever see those dreams come true.

How long are we meant to wait until our dream is nothing more than a distant memory?

Darling, you are asking the wrong man. I’m the one who itches and aches and wonders why things aren’t the way I want them to be. The whole of my life is beautiful. I have everything I’ve ever wanted except one bloody thing. I don’t write for a living…

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