A Love Letter for You. (Guest Post for CoryCopeland.net)

{This is a guest post I wrote for my wonderful friend Cory Copeland’s blog some weeks ago. I hope you enjoy it.}

Hi you.

Yes, you. Hello, my dear.

I don’t know you, or at least I don’t know everything about you. I don’t know your middle name, your favorite color, your biggest fear, or the name of the street you grew up on.

And we may never meet, not in this life. I may never have the chance to look at you and tell you these things, to share my heart with you as I watch the words wash over you. So this is a letter for you to read wherever you are, because I think you need it. I think your heart needs it. We can always use an excuse to smile.

I have a secret to tell you. Well, it’s not really a secret. More like a forgotten memory, a faded truth. But sometimes the obvious things are hardest to see, especially when we aren’t used to looking at them. As the years go by, we begin to look past the things that mean the most to us. So here’s the secret…

You are the most important person in all of creation.
Really. The most important person. Let that sink in for a moment. Allow it fill your lungs, rush over your skin, tingle in your fingertips, and tease the smile on your lips that is desperate to grow into a grin. Begin to believe it. Write it out on paper, say it to yourself, carve it into your heart and let it become your Truth.

You are absolutely essential to this world. Your hands. Your heart. Your words. Your mind. Your smile. Your laugh. Your feet. Your beauty. Your eyes. Your intelligence. Your creativity and imagination. Your ingenuity. Your faith and strength. Every single piece of you—every hair on your head and freckle on your cheeks and skip in your step—makes this world go round. You are alive for a reason. Nothing about you is an accident or a mistake. You are worth everything, from here to the end of the horizon.

You are invaluable.
There is no limit to what you can do. You have dreams, yes? Those little whispers that creep up on you when you least expect it and beg you to give them a chance. The ideas that swirl in your imagination, the ones that fill you with joy and ambition and purpose while also scaring you with their power, with their potential. They are worth fighting for. They are worth taking a chance on, because just maybe, your dream will change the world. Your secret wish could be exactly what we all need at this exact moment, because it is brilliant and amazing.

You are extraordinary.
The world needs you – your ideas and daring and love and soul. There is no other like you. In the entire history of humanity and in our unspoken, unwritten future that sprawls out before us with endless possibilities, you are the only YOU. You’re quite special, my dear. An original. A limited edition. Priceless.

You are priceless.
Perhaps you don’t always feel it. Some days, you may feel a bit defeated. The pressures of the world, the darkness and tragedies will begin to crowd around you, and you’ll long for an escape. A way out of the mess. In the midst all this, it is easy to feel as if running away from it all is the answer. If you could just disappear into another place with another life, it would be so much easier. If you could just be someone else, life would be better.

But think of all the smiles you’ve bestowed. The hugs you’ve given. The kind words you spoke intentionally, from your heart. The friends you’ve encouraged and laughed with. The family you’ve loved through everything. Think of every life you’ve touched just by being yourself. You gave people the gift of happiness, the gift of hope. You lifted them up and made them feel special. Only you, and that is inspiring.

No other person could live your life as you have. You are the only person who can live your story. It was given to you specifically – your life and your purpose. You are the hero of this story, of your life. You are meant to be here. If you were to leave this world for one year, one day, one second, everything would be different. There would be a hole, a void where you are supposed to be. An emptiness that only you can fill.

You are irreplaceable.
You are enough, just as you are. You are not meant to be anything other than exactly who you are at this precise moment. Never change into what others want you to be. Never compromise who you are. Because who you are in the deepest part of your soul is the most wonderful, lovely, beautiful person in all of history, and the world deserves to see that person. You deserve to be that person honestly and freely, the person you were created to be; not what others want to mold you into.

And you are loved. More loved than you will ever know. You are loved from here to the far reaches of eternity, by those who are close to you and by those who only know you in passing. You are loved by a Father who stitched you together carefully. You are made in love; it is woven into the curves of your heart, the creases of your skin, the shine of your eyes, the tilt of your smile. You are made to love and be loved. Embrace that love; revel in its beauty. Believe in it. Believe in yourself.

You are exquisite.
And some day, when you see someone who seems downtrodden, broken, and a little worn down, smile at them. Smile at them and look at them and share the secret. Say to them: “You are the most important person in all of creation.” Say it with the depth of feeling reserved for someone who believes in it with their entire being. Say it so that they may begin to believe it is true.

Until then, be yourself and love yourself and change the world.

Much love,



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