“Same Team • My Accidental Friendship” (for So Worth Loving)

Hey lovely people!

Today I had the privilege of sharing a piece about friendship and writing and one of my favorite people over at So Worth Loving. Take a look at the excerpt below and check at the full piece over at the awesome SWL Blog!

Same Team • My Accidental Friendship

I consider myself lucky. Throughout my life I’ve been surrounded by amazing people. People who care about me, who lift me up and dare me to dream. People who comfort me when my hopes come crashing down around me. People who love me when I’m a bit unlovable. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They’ve made my life bearable, and for that I am forever grateful.

So when asked to choose one person who as significantly impacted my life, I pause. Because I’m not sure who to name. I’m not all that sure I can pick just one. There are my parents who have been beyond patient and understanding. My sisters who brought me back from the darkness. My friends over the years who reminded me to laugh and enjoy the life I’ve been given. Each of those people has left a kind mark on my heart, and I’ll never forget what they did for me.

But sometimes a person comes into your life and changes absolutely everything about it. They seem to hold a key that unlocks a door that opens to a new chapter in your life, a door you’ve longed to swing open. They reveal a path you are meant to travel, a calling you are meant to answer, or perhaps a new world you were intended to be a part of. Sometimes, at just the right moment you meet just the right person and things fall into place.

Cory Copeland did that for me…

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