An Uphill Battle

Life has a way of leaving us defeated. We take a few hits and after awhile it’s hard to get back up. We feel used and bruised and trampled on. While the choices we make are our own and the decisions we make are our responsibility, sometimes things are out of our hands. We can’t control everything, as much as we’d like to.

Sometimes it seems as if we’re putting all of our effort into something and nothing is happening. We are trying to make a life change, to pursue better things that give us meaning, but every time we take a step forward, we are knocked back three. We finally find the direction we want to take; we understand God’s calling and our purpose here on earth, but every time we make a move to answer that calling, something stops us. We’re held back by a barrier or thrown off course by a detour. We can see in our mind’s eye where we’d like to be, what we’d like to achieve, but we can’t seem to get there.

Often I feel as if life is a tunnel and I’m in the middle of it. I’m surrounded by darkness with no way of knowing where I am or even which way I’m going. Am I moving forward toward the end? Am I going in the direction of my dreams? Or am I moving backwards, away from my goal? Have I ended up going in the opposite direction, further from the things my heart wants most? Will the darkness never end…

It’s easy to get lost or rather to feel lost in life. We get turned around in our fervent attempts to end up where we want to be. We go this way or that, or we double back to try a different path, or we hit a dead end. Life is a journey, but it’s not an easy one. It requires hard work, dedication, and the will to power on even when we feel weak and defeated. Life requires us to put into it exactly what we want to get out of it. Because if we aren’t willing to work and and fight for the things we want, how badly do we really want them? Do we deserve them?

Life is a kind of uphill battle; like fighting our way up a mountainside. Sometimes we encounter rocky terrain, and sometimes it’s a nice scenic hike. It can be arduous and take our breath away, and it can bring us beautiful moments that leave us smiling and filled with peace. With each step, we climb higher towards the top. We press on, because we want to chase after the dreams we see lying ahead of us. And maybe sometimes we lose the map or we have to turn around and try another path, but if we never lose sight of the goal, we will always have something to fight for.

And you will reach the top. You will summit the mountain, and find yourself looking back at where you’ve been. You’ll be able to see how far you’ve come, how you’ve grown and changed into the amazing, strong, inspiring person you’ve always known you could be. You’ll be able to look back and see the beautiful journey you’ve undertaken, even if it wasn’t the journey you originally set out for. The battles you’ve won and the dreams you’ve fought for.

But never discount the journey. Every hardship you face, every time you have to start over, every time you feel like crying and giving up is merely one step in a lifetime of steps towards the things you want most.

I think everyone deserves to have exactly the life they want. They deserve to pursue their dreams and make them come true. You should be happy every day, fulfilled by what you do and the relationships you have. You should be able to look around at where you are at this exact moment and smile because it’s what you worked hard for. It’s what you wanted, what you were called to.

And perhaps it wasn’t easy. The things worth having rarely are. But they are sweeter and more precious for the battle we fought to get them. They mean something because we put everything we have, body, mind, and soul, into making them our own. We have to struggle to find them and to keep them, but when we finally are able to hold onto our dreams, to see our goals accomplished and our deepest desires come to life, we can recognize the beauty in the fight.

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