You came to me
In my dreams, there you were

My heart didn’t race
My heart didn’t melt
But the world paused
And I saw you
Only you
Seeing me

I could feel your thoughts
Read your mind
It was there in your eyes
I was compelled
I reached out

But you didn’t move
Not even your hands
They didn’t reach for me
You simply stood
And I was entranced
Beguiled by your eyes

You said my name
Or I think you did
Your lips moved
And I longed to trace them
With my fingertips
To feel them on mine
A soft caress

I closed my eyes
And I swear I felt you
Your hands in my hair
Your chest against mine
Your breath on my cheek
Your whispers in my ear
But you didn’t move

I said your name
Or I think I did
I wanted to
To feel your name on my tongue
To hear it trip from my lips
To own a part of you

But you didn’t hear me
You only saw
Maybe you saw through me
Or past me

I wanted you
I craved you
As you stood there
I needed you

I needed you to see me
To notice
To want

I needed you to see me
and know me

But you didn’t move

I fell for you
For the curve of your lip
For your mercurial eyes
For the shape of your nose
For the strength in your arms
For the sound of your laughter
For the things I imagined you to be
For the things I imagined you could give me

I fell for you
And for the distance between us
I fell for the impossibility
It kept me safe
Because even as I fall
I’m not ready to be caught
Even as I want
I’m not ready to receive
Even as I crave
I’m not ready to be filled

I’m not ready
I’m not

Until I am
In the span of a blink

But as I open my eyes
You’ve turned your back
But the feelings stay
For long moments
Pieced together by tears
Until they seep out of my heart
Drain my soul
Leave me empty

Left only with
The distance between

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