Where we aren’t hiding.

{I’ve done a few versions of this post for the ladies titled “Where they aren’t hiding.” The “they” of course being men. But I thought I could try and help a brother out and do a “Where we aren’t hiding.” The “we” of course being women. You’re welcome.}

We ladies, I’ve heard it said, are mysterious. What are we thinking? Why do we do the things we do? Why are we crazy intense? Why do we overthink everything? WE DON’T KNOW! We are women. We don’t have to make sense. (And yes, you can quote me on that.) But our, shall we call them, unique qualities makes us kind of a moving target. We’re all over the place. Literally. We’re flighty, indecisive, and we can’t stay still. (Okay, that’s mostly a lie. Heaven forbid I insult my own gender…)

Regardless, sometimes finding a nice girl can be hard. No matter what eHarmony or ChristianMingle (ugh) tries to tell you, dating just isn’t all that easy anymore. And who really thinks those match.com commercials are “real life couples”? Please. Meeting people has only become more frustrating, because we live on Twitter and Facebook, our phones attached to our hands. So how can you find the girl of your dreams? Honestly, I have no idea. I’m kind of crap at that whole “dating” thing. BUT! I can give a bit of insight as to where us lovely young ladies ARE NOT going to be found. (Granted there are exceptions to every rule…Like I said, this dating thing is a mess.)

Here are a few places that I, in my stereotypical fashion, offer as places where you men may spend a lot of your time while us ladies will not. Read on if you dare.

Sports Center. Now, I understand the awesomeness of sports. Truly. I grew up with a dad who started his own fantasy football league when I was two (it’s still active), and a mother who sees March Madness as a major holiday. So, guys, I get that sports are important. I get that you need to know who won, who lost, the stats and standings and bracket match ups. But while you are sitting there, watching the evening recap of every sports event that happened that day, all of us lovely young women are out and about, doing our thing, looking for you. And where are you? On your couch. With a remote in your hand. And you wonder why you are single? (Besides, wouldn’t watching sports be much more enjoyable if you had a cute sports fanatic sitting next to you?)

Guy’s Night. Guy’s Night is sacred. Girls have our own version of this, usually with chocolate, wine, and a movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling, or anyone with a British accent. Sometimes you just have to have a night the with guys. But if every night turns into a guy’s night your chance of having a date night exponentially decreases. Because while us ladies like to take charge every so often, those of us who are sane (translate: respectful of your space) are not going to infiltrate a guy’s night in search of you. Every so often, your poker and beer can take an evening off. (I don’t really know what you men do at guy’s night. Sorry if the poker and beer thing was too “stereotypical.”)

Radioshack (and such; also related to hardware stores.) You guys like your toys. And with good reason. Who doesn’t like a nice piece of technology?! I nearly wept at the beauty of the iPhone 5 and long for the day I can hold it in my hand and love it like my future child. Too awkward? Anyway, while women like to buy cool electronics, we are less likely to spend hours in Radioshack or Best Buy to do it. So while you fawn over your HDMI cables, hands free devices, and wifi set ups, we’re hanging out in Target. And guess what? You can find pretty much the same thing over there! Seriously, if you want to know where the single girls are hiding, hit up Target. No lie. We LIVE there. And sometimes we venture into the electronics section. Who’d have thought?!

Some other situations you gentlemen are less likely to find us ladies in are while you play video games and/or computer games (ie any version of Halo or World of Warcraft), comic book stores (I reference The Big Bang Theory for this one, folks), and Hooters (that’s from my dad…so take that as you will). So in your search for a lovely lady to share your life with, maybe take a break from your routine and change things up. Go somewhere different, try some place new. Check out a new coffee shop or bookstore. Get involved in church. And for real, walk around Target. You’ll thank me later.

Thank you for reading! And maybe (definitely) follow me on Twitter?


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