Running away.

{For every person who has felt called to go, but imagine they have to stay. Let’s try something new.}

The sun went down, setting on her peace of mind. As the moon slowly became illuminated against the darkening sky, restlessness seeped into her veins. She collapsed into herself, falling to the ground. There was nothing left, nothing here she wanted. This place wasn’t for her. Something was wrong. She rolled to her back, gazing into the endless expanse of sky. Each glittering star was etched into her soul.

She wanted to follow the shooting stars, to chase them across the fields. She wanted to own them, possess them. She needed them in the depths of her soul, in the recesses of her heart. They were falling through the sky, aimless and alone. She wanted to catch them. To hold them close and love them.

The damp of the earth chilled her. Her arms were outstretched; her hands flattened against the ground. Pale, cold fingers played through the freshly cut grass, tickling her palms. She could smell the freshness, the crisp scent of nature wafting through the air. It invigorated her, filling her senses. Her eyes were closed to the night sky, but in her mind she could see the stars dancing across the sky.

She wanted to run away with them.
She wanted to run away.

With each passing minute, she became more and more anxious. The need to do something, to move overwhelmed her. She wasn’t meant to stand still, to be anchored down. She didn’t want roots. She wanted to fly. She needed to fly. When would she be allowed to spread her wings?


It was the quietest whisper. Maybe just a trick of the wind. But she heard it.


Again. And then again. She opened her eyes. It was only her and the sky, but she felt something. It was stronger than restlessness, deeper than her soul. There was a spirit within her. It was roused from it’s sleep. It was brought to the surface. It came alive in her heart.


She sat up, renewed in her resolve. She would go. She could go. There was something waiting for her. Something out there she was meant to find. It was calling to her.


She rose without knowing. Her movements were not her own. She was being directed, led, guided. She was being taken on an adventure. She was discovering something new. She was meant for this, she realized. This was her purpose. To go and uncover; to learn. To follow where she was led; where her spirit took her.
To chase the stars.

There was nothing here she needed, nothing more important that her journey. Her bag held a notebook and pen. She would fill it with new memories. She would write every moment, detail every discovery. It would be the book of her heart, the expression of her spirit. Each word would be a piece of her soul. Each word would mean something. She would write with intention, with love.


Her feet tripped down the stairs, barely touching the floor. There was no other path before her. Only one choice. Running. Always running. Always going. She slid into her car, turned the engine over and listened to the car come to life. She felt alive. Something deep within in her simply exploded. She was overcome. She nearly wept with relief. The sound of the engine filled her with peace. Her entire being was broken apart and put back together with the turn of a key. She was remade.


The open road called to her. There were places waiting for her. People waiting for her. Experiences waiting for her. Time to run. To chase the restlessness. Time to escape into the night. To fly across the road. Time to follow her heart. To listen to the spirit within.


She went. Everywhere and anywhere. She ran, skipped, and flew towards the stars. She traced them across the sky, marking them in her book. She captured each star, each memory and treasured them. She grew into herself, into the woman she was created to be.

Still she kept running. Always running.

Because she learned she wasn’t running away from something. She was running to something.

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{Shout out to The Killers and their amazing song Runaways for some inspiration.}


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