We are not of this world.

Everyday, we are told what we are supposed to be. We are supposed to be successful. We are supposed to be stable and in control. We are supposed to be happy. We are supposed to be beautiful, intelligent, edgy, modern, progressive, perfect. We are supposed to be independent. We are supposed to be individuals.

We are told by society that we have to be all of these things, but we aren’t told what they mean. And we aren’t told how to achieve it.

We waste so much of our time chasing after them. We work so hard to reach the elusive goals that have been laid before us. We need them, we convince ourselves. We have to achieve them in order to be the person we are supposed to be. We fight so hard to be all of these things that we don’t fully understand and perhaps don’t even want.

But we’re supposed to want them. We’re told we want them.

We lose ourselves in them.

A few days ago a friend said, “Do what you do, and be what you be.” So simple and so obvious. Do what you do. Do what you’re good at. Do what you love. Do what you enjoy. Do what comes naturally. Do what you were put on this earth by God to do. Be what you are. Be who you are. Be yourself. Be who God created you to be. Be individual. Be solely and completely a person you can be proud of.

Own it. Rock it. Live it.

It’s not easy. Living in a world that “knows what’s best,” they will tell you who you are and what to do. They will try to break you down, mold you into the perfect citizen of our society, and send you out to live an predictable, expected, safe existence. We each have a role we are supposed to play, and we are expected to fill it.

But we are not of this world.

The role you are destined for won’t ask you to be less than what you are. It won’t ask you to deny a part of yourself, the piece that’s most essential. You won’t have to compromise your gifts or talents. You won’t have to forget about the things you love. You won’t have to settle for something that leaves you feeling empty.

God created you to be exactly the person you are. He took His time, planned you with care. He gave you skills and gifts. He gave you a calling and a purpose. He meant you to do something. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are good. We are in His image. We are a part of the wonderful body of Christ. We are meant to shine.

We aren’t meant to cover it up, dim it, or trade it for something of this world. We aren’t meant to let it go, forget it, or ignore it. We aren’t meant to succumb to the pressures of a society that wants to turn us all into individuals who are merely carbon copies of each other.

We are meant for more. We deserve more.

So demand more. Don’t let this world take away what God gave to only you. Don’t let it beat you down and destroy your spirit. Don’t believe it when you’re told you have to sacrifice your gift for success, stability, and contentment. Don’t become complacent.

Do yourself a favor and be the person God created you to be, and do the things that God created you to do. And don’t be afraid to ask Him for help. Don’t feel like you have to go it alone.

Know that with God and His Spirit, you are never alone, and you will always succeed.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts. And maybe follow me on Twitter?


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