6 things every woman should know, part two.

Yesterday, I wrote on the first three things I wish every woman knew:

1. A relationship shouldn’t define you.

2. Don’t be afraid to get your heart broken.

3. A guy can’t fix you.

Today, I have another three to make it an even six. But there are so many more things I want to write, so I may come back to this later. But for now…

Six Things All Women Should Know, part two.

4. Creating friendships is worth it. Women aren’t always that great at maintaining friendships with other women. I find this frustrating when it looks like guys could make friends in the middle of a brawl. But women can be catty. We see each other as competition to be the most beautiful, the most successful, having the best boyfriend/fiancée/husband. We see women as being there to challenge us for what we think we deserve, so we’re wary. We don’t trust easily. We don’t let them too close.

Women are the only ones who can understand what it means to be a woman in this society we’ve created for ourselves. Other women know what we go through, how tough it can be, how draining and heartbreaking. Other women can sit there are cry with us when we don’t even know why we’re crying but for some reason it feels good. The nice guys out there, they can sympathize, hold us, and tell us they love us. But they just don’t know.

So don’t cut off your friendships with other women, because of some imagined contest. We are all insecure, confused, and just want someone to go shopping with us even if we can’t afford it. We want a friend who will make us laugh with the outrageous stories from the weekend. We want a friend who has been there, who knows just what we’re feeling. We always want a friend or two or three. Make those friendships happen, because they are worth it.

5. Confidence is sexy. Sometimes we are unsure of ourselves. We have those niggling doubts, those moments when we second guess. We aren’t sure of our choices, our future, our creativity, our relationships. Guys, I’m sure us ladies aren’t alone in this. It’s so easy to retreat into ourselves, to let other people make decisions for us and define us. But then we become needy, constantly asking other people to affirm us. And there isn’t anything attractive about that.

You are an amazingly gifted young woman. God gave you talent and skills, and you need to trust in yourself. You need to trust that you have something to offer, that you are unique. You need to have confidence in what you can do. There comes a moment when you need to trust in yourself and in what you know you can do, not in what others say you can do. So be confident! Know that you are good enough. Know that you are absolutely lovely. Hold your head high and believe in yourself.

6. Know you are beautiful. Women have been dealt a pretty bad hand when it comes to beauty in our society. We are shown unattainable standards in the media. We are constantly bombarded by too perfect models of what a woman should be. And when we look into the mirror and don’t see it, we hate ourselves for not being able to look the way we are told we need to. We crave the moment when a man will look at us, really look, and say, “You’re beautiful. Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.” We long for that with our entire being. And we are devastated when it doesn’t happen.

You are beautiful. Every day, every moment, you are beautiful. You are imperfectly perfect, the gorgeous sum of your flaws. You were created by the most perfect God, and He doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t have regrets. He doesn’t wish He could push undo. He absolutely adores you. He loves you so much, He didn’t limit you to having a lovely appearance. He gave you a brilliant mind and a loving heart. He gave you the ability to see, hear, and feel the world He placed you. He gave you creativity, passion, cleverness, humor, and intelligence. He gave you so much more than the simple human eye can fathom, and He made all of it beautiful. And He made it exactly for you.


Being a woman can be frustrating, heartbreaking, and absolutely overwhelming. But it can be the most wonderfully beautiful experience. God created women with a specific purpose in this world. You were meant to exist, meant to live, meant to enjoy that life. You are allowed to be happy, to be sad, to sleep in when you’re mentally and physically exhausted, to have that extra slice of cake, to laugh and smile everyday. So take these six things and live passionately.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to let me know what you think. And maybe follow me on Twitter?


3 thoughts on “6 things every woman should know, part two.

  1. based on my completely non expert opinion having not ever been a woman in the 27 years I’ve been alive, this is some very solid advice. all 6 of the things you wrote about are important. especially 5 and 6, I have had several friends struggle with those two things.

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