a little prayer

Sometimes I feel a bit lost. I let myself become distracted by the little things in life and lose the bigger picture. God is all about the big picture, and He already knows what it is. He knows where I’m going and where He wants me to be. But some days, I forget to ask about His plan. I take myself where I want to be. I make decisions on impulse, based on my own short term vision. So when I take off on these short term trips, I eventually lose my way. I don’t ever plan for the whole journey. I focus more on the chapters of my life rather than the whole story. Soon, I may have the chance for a pretty big move, the chance for a new beginning. And I want it desperately. I want to go somewhere new and different, and I would love to start fresh. But I’ve made those impulsive choices, thinking I was doing what God had planned for me, only to return home turned inside out. So as I make this decision, as I make a choice, I pray for God’s wisdom. I pray for the ability to discern between what I want and what God wants for me. It is so easy for us to convince ourselves that what we want is what God wants. If there isn’t anything to block our path, we take it happily. But what we don’t consider is that sometimes God wants us to choose not to go down that path. He wants us to see it and choose something different, something better. He wants us somewhere different. But He wants us to want it as well. So I want to do what God wants. I want to go where He calls me. And I want to choose the right path. I pray for God’s guidance. And I pray that He answers.


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