an emptiness inside

the loneliness is an emptiness inside
that nothing can fill
everything around me is a poison
drawing the life out of me
the loneliness is oppressive
holding me back
keeping me down
the sadness overwhelms me
too much to deal with
too hard to erase
i feel broken to pieces
that never fit together
pieces that shatter into
there is a weakness inside me
or maybe outside me
it pulls on my heart
and weakens my strength
my tears undo me
there is no release
i can only sleep and dream
of things i cannot
of things i cannot
of things i cannot
have but desperately want
and then i sleep with no dreams
all that is left is
the loneliness
an emptiness inside

(This was written a year ago. I tend to not like poetry and am horrid at writing it, but this was the only way my thoughts would fall into place.)


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